Can I Still Get Life Insurance During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

With the COVID-19 Pandemic still in full swing and the constant reminder of how fragile we all are to this disease, I know a lot of us are wondering how we can talk to an agent to obtain Life Insurance for ourselves just in case something happens! 

Most insurance agencies are working remotely and are taking calls from anyone who needs assistance, but a lot of companies are taking applications online as well if you wanted to get the process started as fast as possible! The entire conversation and application process can now be done over Zoom, E-mail, and a phone! All from your living room sofa! 

You might also be thinking right now, “What about a physical exam? I want to minimize contact with doctors offices!”. If you are in good health and under the age of 50 years old then you most likely won’t need to have a physical exam—but if you ask for a coverage amount that is higher than normal you might still need to! 

Just remember that the world is still moving through this scary time in history, and those working in the insurance industry are still out there working to make sure that you can get the best coverage possible—and in the safest way possible during this pandemic! 

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