COVID-19 Tips for Back to School in 2020

If you have children that are still in school you are probably facing the new school year with a lot of uncertainty and questions! While no one can really tell us for sure what is happening in the future we can still prepare our families and ourselves for the 2020-2021 school year! 

Tip #1: Build Mask Endurance!

When forming a new habit in day-to-day life it is good to start small and work your way up! When it comes to wearing a mask it can get tiring after awhile and we can’t blame a child for not wanting to keep it on! By practicing with your child using small increments of time with the mask on and working their way up they will eventually be able to wear it like it’s second nature! With many schools having face-masks as mandatory dress code this can be a big one, but be sure to remind them they can take breaks without a mask on as long as they aren’t around others! 

Tip #2: Explain “Why”

Some children will be on-board with using a mask, but other children might not due to reasons such as they might not think it’s “cool” to wear a mask, or out of a fear that it may create acne on their face! If you are running into this problem be sure to explain why it is important that they wear a mask and equip them with strong information so they do not give in to any peer-pressure to not wear a mask!

Tip #3: Make it Fun! 

If you have a child who does not enjoy wearing their mask you can create activities that will help them want to put on their mask! You can start by giving them rewards such as candy, or letting them play their favorite game—but another idea that is is pretty effective is allowing your child to decorate theirs or allowing them to pick one out! If they have a favorite superhero or sports team they can decorate that way with non-toxic markers or non-toxic watercolor paint, and there are also many masks that can be purchased that would make any child want to put it on! 

If you have further questions about back-to-school, the Centers for Disease Control has released a list of guidelines that all schools should follow when sending their child back to school, among this ‘back to school’ information you will find many other CDC articles and tools that are useful during these challenging times! 

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