Who Typically Needs Commercial Auto Insurance?

long-cargo-truck-2196355_960_720You should have Commercial Auto Insurance if you or your employees use vehicles for work—and this includes vehicles that are rented, hired, or even borrowed for work. If you are using your vehicle for professional commerce, you will likely need to have a Commercial Auto Insurance policy to cover your business activities! 

If you work for a ride-sharing company like Uber or Lyft— there can be alternatives to having Commercial Auto Insurance since some insurance carriers actually offer Ride-Sharing Insurance! The bigger ride-sharing companies do offer insurance while on the clock, but not when you are waiting to accept a ride or in-between rides! Be sure to consider insurance to cover that gap between rides! 

During the Coronavirus outbreak many businesses decided to offer delivery options and many more will probably follow suit. If you find your employer asking you to drive deliveries for them, you should ask if it is going to become a regular part of your job. If so, you should talk to your insurance agent to see what kind of coverage you need to keep yourself protected. 


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