Tips For Eating Better During The Coronavirus Quarantine

coffee-drink-2433133_960_720Ordering take-out or going through a drive-thru is great and many people are doing so during this time, but it is very easy to not eat healthy while in quarantine since going to the store is harder now and the ease of take out is very tempting! (And tasty too!)

  1. Gather Up Your Favorite Fruits and Vegetables
    Eating your favorites can be a great way to help you get into the groove of eating more healthy as well as having the benefit of helping your body and immune system keep in tip-top shape! You can buy frozen fruit and vegetables if you are worried about spoilage or not being able to get to the store frequently—they are still nutritious and can taste great too! 
  2. Stock Up On Beans and Soup
    Soups and canned beans can be great meals when you do not want to cook or are looking for a quick meal! They are very healthy and can be improved with other ingredients you have around the house! Canned soups and beans also last a long time so you won’t have to worry about them spoiling either! 
  3. Be Prepared for Comfort Food Cravings!
    When a person gets tired, bored, or even sick most of the time they will reach for some sort of comfort food that is unhealthy! When stuck inside all day under quarantine the cravings can really add up! Try to stock-up on things that can act as a stand-in for what you are craving—like if you are craving something sweet you can make protein shake pancakes or protein shake ice cream! There are many recipes and ideas for anything that you are craving! 


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