More Fun Summer 2020 Ideas During Quarantine

ice-cream-771685_960_720It’s hot outside and most of us are still stuck inside wishing that we could just go do something! Despite this we all are doing our part and social distancing to help stop this pandemic once and for all. In order to make it a little bit easier for you here are some more tips on how to make summer fun during the quarantine! 

Picnic in Your Backyard! 

During quarantine having family picnics in the backyard is great way to get outside, enjoy some good take-out food, and forget how it is to be inside—even if it’s just for a little while! You can make it fun by making your own summer foods or if you find yourself doing this in the evening making s’mores over a small propane grill! 

Water Fights!

This one is fun and pretty simple: play fights with water! You can reuse some disposable water bottles and poke holes in the caps to make a makeshift super soaker! Or there are ways to tie sponges together and throw them like water balloons—or use water balloons if you are willing to pick up the mess of rubber! This might be one of the few activities you can do while socially distancing, just use a 6 foot rule with all participants and you can still have lots of fun!

Vacation Board! 

If going outside is not you cup of tea there are still ways that you can still enjoy your summer and look forward to next summer as well! You can make a vacation board with your family and work together to plan out vacations that you would all like to go on together! You can get creative and create a giant map to pin ideas onto and pictures of places you and your family would like to go! If you have young ones they can draw pictures of what they would like to do and post it on the board as well! It can be fun to plan, and it can be a great springboard for next summer when we hopefully have beaten this virus! 


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