What is Commercial Auto Insurance? 

right-44121_960_720Commercial Auto Insurance has many names: Commercial Vehicle Insurance, Business Auto Insurance, Truck Insurance, or even Fleet Insurance depending on what vehicles you use and need to insure for your business The coverage a Commercial Auto Insurance policy provides can protect a company against financial liability if the owner or an employee is at fault for an accident resulting in damage of property or injury to other people—it also protects against vandalism, certain weather events, and theft! 

Most people that have purchased a Commercial Auto Policy will tell you from experience that it is significantly more complicated compared to obtaining Personal Car Insurance—and the reason behind this is that the amount of risk exposure a commercial vehicle will come across is much higher than a personal vehicle! Personal vehicles usually do not stay on the road longer than a couple hours a day, while some commercial vehicles can be used all day and night by multiple drivers!  

A Commercial Auto Insurance policy offers more than just protecting the vehicle and the assets inside, it also covers the employees any anyone contracted to drive that you have hired for business purposes of any kind! Many states in the United States make it a requirement for business owners to purchase Commercial Auto Insurance if they are operating vehicles as part of their business–so in all likelihood you’ll need it if you drive on the roads as part of your business! But if you have questions after reading this or think that you might need Commercial Auto Insurance just give your insurance agent a call for help! 

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