Work From Home Tips For the Coronavirus Quarantine

work-5071617_960_720More and more businesses are starting to work remotely in the wake of the Coronavirus lockdowns, and due to this we are seeing more employees having to transition into a work from home role! If you are working from home you need to find the best way to maximize your productivity, get the most out of each day, and most importantly of all—maintain your own mental health as well! 

  1. Stay Connected: Working from home can be nice at first, but it can also make you feel cut off from the rest of the office. Using tools such as instant messaging, video-conferencing, or even just email can be effective ways to keep in contact with other co-workers that are working from home as well! Making a point to check-in with your work colleagues just to say hello can help with feeling connected to others during this strange time in history and can help with adding some structure to your day! 
  2. Communicate Expectations: Whether it be how much you expect to get done, how responsive you will be during the work-day, or even availability— you need to always keep your colleagues and superiors in the loop and to be 100% transparent! This will prevent a lot of unneeded stress that can occur due to miscommunication in these situations! 
  3. Lead and Follow with Trust: It might be tempting to repeatedly check in on employees if you are the boss, or as an employee to think that your superior is constantly watching you from afar! But if you allow your employees to compete their assignments without micromanagement you can ensure that a healthy relationship with your employees can flourish under these hard conditions!

A successful Work From Home policy can be a hard adjustment, but if everyone takes charge within their role it can save a boatload of stress! Working from home does not have to be the monster that some see it as, always be open to reviewing the policy as an employee or as the employer—open communication is key! 

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