Ways To Make Your House Feel Cooler This Summer

money-2724248_960_720If you are like most people in 2020 you are looking for ways to keep your electric bills down but do not want to give up the delight of air conditioning! Instead of just walking over and lowering the thermostat there are other ways that you can cool down your home for much cheaper than it is to run you air conditioning all day and night! 

  1. Keep your blinds closed! I know this sounds simple, but it definitely works! If you can keep the sun’s rays out of your house, you will not have as much rise in temperature than if you had them open and allowed the sun to heat up the air within your house! Since 30% of unwanted heat comes from windows in a home, it can drastically reduce your electricity bills by doing this simple act! If you enjoy the sunlight just close the blinds on the windows that face east and west—you’ll block out a lot of the sun that way!
  2. Closing doors and air vents to unused rooms! If there are rooms in your house that are not in use at the moment or are not really used at all you can close the doors and vents to these areas and have all the cool air from your air conditioner stay in the area that you are actually using! This can lower your bill quite a bit!
  3. Swap your bed sheets! Changing out your flannel sheets and fleece blankets for cotton ones is a great way to keep cool at night! Since these heavier materials are used to keep us warm in the winter it doesn’t make much sense to use them if we are fighting off the heat in the Summer! 

You can get creative with some ideas too, like creating an ocean breeze in a room by real-estate-475875_960_720positioning a bowl of ice next to fan facing you or running a fan and a water-mister at the same time! There are many other ways to help your house feel cooler, but this is just a list to hopefully help you get started!

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