Things to Check on Your Vehicle This Summer

automotive-1866521_960_720Each time we get into our cars we usually take a look at the dashboard to see if we have any warnings or if there is something wrong! but during Summer you cannot rely on only your dashboard lights as there are many variables that are introduced with the Summer heat! Now that the temperature is rising to three-digit levels in some parts of the country a Summer vehicle checklist becomes very useful! 

1. Check your Air Conditioner! No one on this planet can say they prefer driving in the Summer heat without air conditioning—and it does not take long without a properly working AC unit to realize this fact! If you start to notice the air from your vehicle’s vents getting warmer you might need a recharge and it can be a simple as using a can of refrigerant bought at the auto parts store or even some big box retailers! Also be sure to replace your cabin air filter so your AC Unit doesn’t have to work harder than it has to! 

2. Take a look under the hood! This might seem intimidating to some but it’s not as hard as it sounds! Just pop your hood and look around for any cracked or leaking hoses, also take a look at your radiator cap and oil cap to make sure that everything is in place and not leaking! If you see something you do not like just take it over to a mechanic shop you trust and see what can be done! 

3. Test Battery and Tires! The rise in temperature will take a toll on your battery and may even cause it to not work any longer! You can take your car to any auto parts store and they will check it for free! Same goes for tires, check the air pressure with an air pressure gauge since the change in temperature overnight and into the day can really affect the pressure within the tire—if you see anything wrong with the tire or just don’t trust yourself to do it you can take it to a tire shop and they will take a look at them for free! 

Your vehicle is an important part of your life, and treat it as such! The Summer is a time where a lot of problems can occur on a vehicle and it best to stay ahead of the problems instead of behind!

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