Home Improvements To Do During Summer

architecture-1867187_960_720The Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy the outdoors and everything else that comes with the heat! If you have been thinking about getting some home improvement projects done it is the perfect time to get your house in tip-top shape! There are also some home improvements that should only be handled in the Summer since the chilly weather in the winter months may harm the quality of your work! Here is a list of home improvements that you might consider doing this Summer! 

  1. Painting The Exterior of Your House!
    If you have watched paint dry before you will know it is just as boring as they say, but it is much more boring during the winter months due to the long dry times! Also keep in mind that a lot of modern paints will dry and harden faster when it is hot, due to this you have much less chance of dirt/debris getting into your paint or having cracking issues later down the line! 
  2. Replacing Your Kitchen Cabinets
    While this job may be best left up to a professional, it is still better to do this renovation during the Summer since a lot of holidays in the winter use the kitchen as part of preparing for a celebration—like Thanksgiving Dinner for instance! You also have the opportunity to grill outside with your family or have picnics out back while the transformation of your kitchen is occurring! 
  3. Replacing or Patching a Roof
    Just like paint, repairing or replacing a roof works much better when it is warmer outside since shingling uses heat to create a watertight seal on the roof! Also replacing a roof in the winter would be made worse if it snowed or if strange winter conditions came in and prevented the job from being finished—or even started in the first place!

Also, Summer has longer days than any other season of the year—so be aware of that too! More daylight means more time to get things done! Don’t delay! 

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