Safety for Truck Drivers

truck-856345_960_720Trucker driver safety and the safety of others is of the greatest importance when driving a big rig! Due to truckers everywhere taking this to heart the NHTSA’s Large Truck Crash rate has declined steadily by 74% from 1980 to 2014! We still see around 500,000 accidents involving trucks each year—but out of those only 16% were caused by the truck driver! 

But if you are a driver and do find yourself in an accident that you caused, the penalties can be severe depending on the severity of the accident or driving violation that caused it! There is a select list of violations that will disqualify you from holding a CDL license in the future: 

-Driving without a CDL License, Insurance, Permits, or your Endorsement

-Excessive speeding

-Erratic driving or improper lane changes

-Texting or talking on a phone while driving

-Offenses that result in a fatality

Many of these violations can be prevented through simple actions such as checking thattruck-2920533_960_720 all your documentation and insurance is up to date, drive defensively, and to avoid distracted driving! It is easy to get wrapped up in something else like another driver’s road-rage, you might find yourself eating food, setting a location on your GPS, or might be something on the side of the road that is causing your attention to shift! Remember that you are doing a job and the safety of yourself and others is the most important thing here, and if you do find yourself getting distracted just pull off the road for a minute to gather yourself! 

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