How To Talk To Your Children About Coronavirus

girl-1641215_960_720Many parents are finding it hard to talk to their children about the coronavirus outbreak, and rightly so—but it’s best to hear it from you, their parent, rather than from the rest of the world! Just be sure to remember in this and in all situations that most children use us as adults to make sense of the world! 

Try to keep it to the basics, and do not tell tall tales or fibs about any aspect of the virus either! Let them know that it’s a new germ that makes people get sick—that some feel more sick than others! It will probably also help to let them know that children do not get as sick from the virus as adults do! If they see that they can come up and talk to you about it they will have a much better time going forward—the main goal is to reduce their anxiety about the situation!

You will also probably realize while you talk to your child about the Coronavirus that child-1073638_960_720they are more tuned-in than you might have realized! Children often listen to adult conversations even when they don’t seem like they are—so it is best to make sure that you talk to them face to face about it as soon as you can! Just reassure them as much as you can before they get scared hearing what the adults around them have been talking about! 

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