Should I Bundle My Home And Car Insurance? 

real-estate-475875_960_720Should I bundle? This is a question that every insurance customer should ask themselves if and when they have multiple policies on their assets! If find that you wanted a stronger relationship with your company, trying to insure a property that is considered “risky”, or cannot find a better price using multiple company—then bundling is probably the best option for you! 

A friend of mine had a property that was considered risky due to the property having an old thatched building on it (Straw roofs are no fun!) that he was planning on tearing down after he could get permits to do so! He had issues getting a decent price on insuring it but thought, “Hey, I could call my insurance agent and see what they can do” and ended up getting a decent rate on his property due to his existing coverages on his house and Truck! It also helped him get a better rate on the Renovation Insurance that he needed later on! 

One of the biggest factors why people choose to bundle would be the convenience factor financing-3536755_960_720of only having to pay one company for all their policies! I should also add that customers who bundle their policies also tended to be more satisfied and happier with their company than those that did not! If you want to feel warm and fuzzy about your company, and like the ease of only paying one (Usually cheaper!) bill then you should definitely consider bundling! 

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