Should My Business Be Fully Insured or Self-Funded Employee Healthcare? 

business-3365326_960_720During these scary times it becomes imperative to save your business and your employees money on healthcare, and just finding an adequate health plan for your business is half the battle! When you are a small business owner you may become a bit overwhelmed with the choices that you have when it comes to health insurance plans for your business, but all you really have to know from the get-go is: Does my business need a Fully-Insured Healthcare Policy, or a Self-Funded Healthcare Plan? 

The most famous one of the two categories of insurance would be Fully-Insured plans. These types of plans follow a simple path: You pay a premium to an insurance provider and have all insurance liabilities go through them. This arrangement does insulate your business from claims that can cost a lot and might be a little more simple to set-up, but it can cost more than other alternatives—which brings us to our next category: Self-Funded Plans!

Self-Funded plan are usually the other category that businesses fall into having, and vienna-1276396_960_720these are usually cheaper than a fully-insured plan—and I should add: Cheaper while within optimal conditions! If your Self-Funded plan has a lot of claims and high administrative overhead it might be more than a Fully-Insured plan, but in the end a Self-Funded plan usually comes out to be cheaper!  There also is another incentive to keep in mind if you are open to having a Self-Funded plan: they are exempt from most state premium taxes! 

It is worth it to take a look at both with your insurance agent and see if your business would benefit from either! If you have a smaller business that might fall under the thresholds to get one of these plans there are alternatives as well! Help your business and your employees by having the best insurance plan for your needs, and at the best price!

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