Silver Linings of The COVID-19 Pandemic

autumn-1764276_960_720It’s extremely difficult to see anything good coming out of this pandemic while cooped up at home watching YouTube and Netflix—but if you start to look around you will begin to notice that there are some flowers sprouting out of the cracks in the concrete! If you are an admirer of nature you will love to know that global pollution has plunged to levels not seen in a long time! For example in China, the drop in air pollution is said to have saved up to 77,000 people’s lives since the beginning of their lockdowns this past December—a staggering number to say the least! 

In India, pollution in the skies has fallen by 70%, and people are actually reporting being able to see the Himalaya Mountains from their house for the first time ever! In the United States we are expecting to see a big dent in the 100,000 deaths per year that occur due to air pollution and reduction in the thousands per year in car accidents! We are also seeing an improved efficiency in the United States’ trucking fleets that are traveling all across the country! Due to the limited amount of traffic and less stop-and-go driving for big rig trucks we are seeing better fuel economy for commercial truckers—which is definitely a savings that is desperately needed these days! 

There is also a huge drop in violent crime all across the world! New York City for clean-1223168_960_720example has seen an overall drop of 42% in serious crimes, and has even acknowledged the steep decline in general crime in various press releases since the beginning of the lockdowns! We are also seeing a spike in the amount of births around the world, and with parents everywhere being able to work from home we are also seeing a lot of children being able to spend time with family that wouldn’t have ever happened before! 

Just like all things in life, we must look at the positives in order to move forward past our current problems! Hopefully this pandemic creates more good than bad, and that we as a society will grow better after it all comes to pass! 

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