What Does (And Doesn’t) Homeowner’s Insurance Cover? 

houses-2230817_960_720If you have a homeowner’s policy you will know that there are different types of coverages that exist—but an interesting fact is that J.D. Power & Associates did a study in 2019 and found that 52% of policyholders didn’t know what their policy actually covers! And that meant that homeowners didn’t know both what is covered and what coverages they should actually have for themselves!

Policies usually have Dwelling Coverage as the main part of a policy—which covers your home! Personal Property Coverage, which covers things you own within your home. And Other Structure Coverage, which covers other buildings on your property such as a garage, driveway, fences—anything that isn’t created by nature that is on your property pretty much! 

There is another component that is usually a part of a Homeowner’s Insurance policy, and it is very beneficial: Personal Liability Coverage! If you had someone get hurt on your property and it was your fault you would be covered—or if you damaged someone else’s property, you would be covered! It can cover legal fees too!holiday-house-177401_960_720

What isn’t covered on a standard policy is a bit confusing too since you will probably think you will be covered if one of these happens! Acts of God such as earthquakes and flooding are usually not covered, if the sewer backs up into your house you probably aren’t covered, or things like mold/termites in the walls of your home! To get these covered you will have to get a separate policy in order to do so! 

What this all means is you should talk to your insurance agent and carrier about everything that you want covered and what policies you will need to get to cover any gaps in coverage! Never be afraid to ask! 

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