Working Out From Home During Isolation!

physiotherapy-595529_960_720If exercise was a pill, it would be a trillion dollar product due to the benefits that we as humans gain from it! With that being said it becomes important to not lose track of keeping in shape during isolation! With new guidelines by the CDC instructing us to not congregate in public places we have to get creative to keep in shape!

We can still take walks and runs outside, but be sure not to do it in places that other people trek often—but if you can’t leave your home and are completely isolated you can many find different resources on the internet for body weight workouts such as the Mayo Clinic’s workout guide, or there are many great fitness instructors for free on YouTube as well! 

dumbbells-2465478_960_720If you are the type to go to a workout or spinning class with an instructor you still have options! Nike is offering free workout routines via their Training Club app as well as Planet Fitness offering their own program found on the United We Move home work-out channel on YouTube! 

Try to keep yourself in-shape and happy! It has been proven that exercise improves mood and outlook—and with the world the way it is these days, exercising at home sounds like a great thing to do! 

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