How Are You Sure Your Homeowner’s Insurance Ready For Summer?

vw-camper-336606_960_720The days are getting longer, the cold weather is getting warmer, and you’re spending more time outside—this must mean that summer is almost here! We all can use some warm sunshine and better weather these days, but with the coming of summer it comes time to look at your Homeowner’s Insurance policy to make sure you still can have a great time this summer without any worry! 

An example of a summer activity that would require you to review your homeowner’s policy would be building a fire pit in your backyard! Fire pits and open grills come with their own unique sets of risks, and while most Homeowner’s Insurance policies usually cover grilling activity and conventional grills—fire pits and other kinds of barbecue structures might not be covered on your policy! Another thing to consider would be local ordinances—some municipalities might not allow a fire pit to be built due to local Burn Laws, or due to the proximity of the pit to the home itself! Remember that Homeowner’s Policies do not cover damages caused by illegal activity, so keep that in mind! 

If you are planning on doing any home repairs this summer make sure you have adequate insurance protection! Talk with your agent or carrier to find out if your policy will still function if you are doing work to your home—if not ask about Builder’s Risk Policy to get yourself covered! Contractor’s usually have some type of liability insurance associated with their business, but it is always better to be safe than sorry! 

financing-3536755_960_720If you already have a pool you’ve likely added coverage for any pool-related mishaps that might occur, but if you are building a new pool (Even an above-ground pool!) you will have to let your insurance carrier know! Swimming pools create a whole new dimension of risk for any homeowner and will always need to be covered under their homeowner’s policy to make sure you’re covered if anything goes wrong! 

Before you kick up your feet next to the pool this summer, take a look at your policy to see that it is primed and ready to protect you no matter how you choose to enjoy the summer season! 

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