What Are The Biggest Liabilities for Pub and Restaurant Owners?

cafe-1872888_960_720When you own a Pub or Restaurant you begin to realize that the problems you will face are almost as endless as the beer that you must always have on tap! But there are three big problems—or as we should say, Liabilities, that can devastate any establishment, and neglecting any single one of these instances can end very badly! 

The first most common liability is DUI—in the United States and around the world more and more governments are trying to stop the huge growth of DUIs. With this crackdown on drunk driving we can expect more of these over-serving claims popping up against establishments that sell alcohol, so be prepared!

The second most common liability is Underage Drinkers. All over the country thousands of underage drinkers are being sneaking into establishments using fake identification cards, and if you have been in the hospitality business for any amount of time you will see some really convincing fake ID cards! But you have to know that they are putting your business at risk, even if you were fooled into thinking that they were of age! kitchen-731351_960_720

The third most common liability for pubs and restaurants would be Accidents. If you own a bar or restaurant you know that fights will occur from time to time, but what if someone tripped on a pool cue that someone else left on the floor and broke their ankle? Accidents like these happen all the time, and seem to be more common each and every day! 

Did you know that 43 States in the Unites States have laws that hold an establishment responsible for who they serve and what their served patrons do? These laws are referred to as Dram Shop laws, and due to their steep monetary penalties it becomes imperative for every single business owner to have adequate coverage!  Do your Pub or Restaurant a favor and call your agent today! 

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