Life Insurance is a Promise!

heart-700141_960_720Valentine’s Day 2020 is rapidly approaching, and we can see that retailers and spouses everywhere are feeling the pressure! Last year in 2019, Valentine’s Day shoppers spent a whopping $20.7 billion on candy, jewelry, stuffed animals, flowers, and other romantic gifts according to the National Retail Federation! On average a person in the United States plans to spend an average of $196.31, which is up a huge 21% jump over last year’s previous record of $161.96!

With these amounts in mind, why not add life insurance to the list of gifts you need to buy for your spouse? With the average Life Insurance policy costing as little as $150 per year, the math really starts to make sense! Did you know that according to LIMRA, 1 out of 3 consumers believe their spouse or partner should have more life insurance? This tells us that instead of walking up and down the corridors of a local mall looking for a paper-1100254_960_720Valentine’s gift, you should be walking into your insurance provider’s office to get life insurance! 

Always remember that Life Insurance is a promise, and it is a promise to those you love that you will be there for them, protect them, help them up—even if you have passed away. As Aristotle once said, “A promise made must be a promise kept”, so don’t break your promises and get a life insurance plan! 

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