Your Business and Cyber Security

internet-1862312_960_720In 2019, Cybersecurity has become such a huge issue and will continue to do so as we become more and more reliant on computers in all aspects of our lives! It is forecasted that by 2022 there will be 29 billion devices connected to the internet and the means that there are 29 billion doors for a hacker to get through!

With this huge influx of devices on the internet it becomes extremely important to make sure that the ones that are connected to your business are secured, as well as you investing in good cybersecurity insurance to protect your business IF a hacker is able to get through your first line of defense—security on your own network!

Security on your own network usually comes in the way of encrypting all access points,internet-3563638_960_720 encrypting data, using antivirus software, and using common sense! Educate yourself and employees about using unauthorized or “found” hardware (USB Stick in the parking lot for instance), and let them know that they are not to use such things under any circumstances! Another point of security that you should go over with everyone in your business would be visiting unknown or non-work related websites, doing so may keep your business from running into a hacker!

When investing in cybersecurity insurance, be sure to let your agent know everything about your business so you know that you are properly covered—and many times you can add it as a rider to your General Liability coverage! Jut be sure to ask what your options are and do not wait, we are at the beginning of a new internet age!

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