Blanket Building and Construction Bonds

building-2762319_960_720If you live in the City of El Paso, Texas and conduct construction projects within the city as part of a business, you are probably familiar with El Paso Municipal Code 18.02! This code requires that all those who are engaged in construction projects get a Blanket Building and Construction Bond for $25,000 before the municipality of El Paso will give a contractor a permit for construction!

This applies to just about all types of building construction in El Paso—if you are involved in new commercial/residential construction projects, any types of renovations, or additions in El Paso, you will definitely need a Texas City of El Paso Blanket Building and Construction Bond! A Blanket Building and Construction Bond is a type of surety bond that protects clients of builders and renovators, and works much like a surety bond!bulldozer-2195329_960_720

If you’re involved in other projects such as lighting, signage, and fencing, you may require a $10,000 bond as well—so if you are unsure with what you will need and how to apply, you should speak with your insurance agent to assist you with the process and how it all works!

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