Why Contractor Bonds and Employee Dishonesty Bonds are Important

architecture-1836070_960_720Did you know that Contractor Bonds, and Surety Bonds in general, are usually described as a line of credit, rather than insurance? The reason why is that if you have a claim against your Contractor Bond you will have to pay the surety company back, in full, for the amount paid out!

In many states upon getting a contractor’s license, contractors will need to get a license bond from a surety bond company. This bond is an agreement among the contractor, the state licensing agency/board, and the surety company that will place certain conditions on contractors to make sure that they obey all state and federal laws and regulations for contractors!

In contrast to Contractor Bonds, Employee Dishonesty Bonds are not required by law, but any business can, and should get one of these bonds as an added protection for their business! An Employee Dishonesty Bond is a type of bond that protects your business from dishonest acts by your employees. This includes protection against fraud, embezzlement, forging checks, stealing money or merchandise, and so forth.

I knew a woman who owned a very nice café and found out that one of her longtime employees had been stealing money over 3 years to the tune of $15,000! She was cup-2884058_960_720completely dumbfounded, and instead of being mad and worried about her finances she only was just disappointed in her employee more than anything since she knew that she had coverage to protect against this exact scenario! She was able to make a claim, and later said she was glad she was able to have a quick and easy resolution to such a horrible problem!

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