Building Coverage and Employer’s Liability Coverage too!

building-2762319_960_720When getting General Liability think about how your business runs, think about the upsides—and then think about the downsides and what you can do to protect your business them! Once you get General Liability coverage you will need to think about things like “Is my facility likely to have fires/accidents?”, “Would this business go into the red if so-and-so were to get sick?”, if you have thoughts like that you should definitely look into adding extra coverage to your policy!

If you own a facility that houses propane, acetylene, or gasoline as part of your contracting business (Not very safe to store at home!), it becomes almost a must to have Building Coverage added onto your General Liability policy! Just one single spark can cause a fire—and this would be devastating to any business! pexels-photo-401796

Lesson is, always ask and let your agent know what your business does and what risks are at hand, so they know exactly what kinds of coverage to add to your policy!

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