When Should I Consider Inland Marine Insurance?

construction-645465_960_720Inland marine coverage provides valuable protection to business owners of all different types! But it is especially important to businesses such as contractors and tradesmen who frequently travel for work and carry around high-dollar tools and equipment. An inland marine policy would cover the loss if a contractor’s tools and equipment were stolen from a vehicle or at a job!

If you or your employees place items or data in your personal or work vehicles for work purposes or If your property insurance policy limits or excludes coverage for valuables, you will need property in transit coverage! What it all boils down to is if your business photography-1850469_960_720has valuables that cannot be conveniently or reasonably kept at a fixed location or insured at a standard rate, you probably will need Inland Marine Insurance!

There are many other different scenarios where you would need Inland Marine Insurance, so it is always wise to ask your agent if you need it and if so, how to go about getting it!

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