Gaps In Your General Liability Plan

store-1245758_960_720When you are a business owner you put everything you can muster into your business, your blood, sweat, tears, and reputation. If you do not protect your business properly you can find yourself at a giant disadvantage or even worse—out of business! Due to this it becomes necessary to identify gaps in your General Liability insurance coverage so you can make sure that you are completely covered from losing your hard work! 

Read through your General Liability Insurance Agreement and if you find that your store-832188_960_720insurance does not cover your all of your activities you have a few options as to what to do: Avoid doing the activity if at all feasible, self-insure yourself (pay out of pocket if you are liable), or find a coverage to insure the activity if it is a vital part of your business! 

Moral of the story here is, go over your General Liability Insurance agreement and see what gaps you may have—then try to find a good way to cover them by asking your insurance provider! Don’t leave yourself at risk! 

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