Finding The Right Truck Driver

truck-2138974_960_720Finding the right driver is pretty hard, but it isn’t rocket science—there are ways to make it easier on yourself so you can find the right driver quickly! You may have to spend a little money to find one with a hiring agency, but there are ways around this as well!

If you already have a current driver you should utilize them as a tool during the interview process, during interviews have them ask each candidate questions and see if they feel they could handle the job since they know it firsthand, this will help weed out some of the ones that shouldn’t be there in the first place!

After they have passed the first interview have them demonstrate basic skills for you and your driver, see if they can handle the truck correctly—backing up, turning, going truck-856345_960_720through each of the gears. Also see if they know how to do the normal day-to-day tasks such as connecting air lines, and hooking and unhooking a trailer without issue!

Then if they have passed on to the next stage, you will need to run their CSA profile (Compliance, Safety, and Accountability, when you are able to do so legally) in order to see if they have been a safe driver throughout their career—if they have gone through this process with flying colors, I think you might have a quality driver on your hands!

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