What is Comprehensive Coverage?

insurance-1991212_960_720You have probably have heard someone say, “I have full coverage” and just nodded your head not really knowing what it really means—I have before, and I think we all have at one point! Full Coverage in the insurance world is usually referred to as Comprehensive Coverage since it means you are covered through just about any type of incident you could run into!

Comprehensive Coverage includes the normal ‘collision coverage’ which covers damage caused by a car accident no matter who is at fault, but it also includes other events such as hail, fire, flooding, and even theft! It is a good idea to have this type of coverage on a car that is new or expensive to repair since prices can get pretty high when repairing damages!

Comprehensive Coverage can be expensive, but the premium amounts usually depend on the driver and the car that they are driving. Compared to a 18 year old in a V8 coupe with 3 tickets to their name already, a 35 year old driving a truck with a solid driving record will have a much lower premium!car-accident-1995852_960_720

In sum, Comprehensive coverage can be a great way to mitigate the damage to your checkbook after an accident, as well as helping repair your car!

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