Disaster Hits, Now What?

flood-642586_960_720If you have lived through a disaster or know anyone who has, you will know how hard it is to get back on your feet in the aftermath. It’s a long process and you pretty much have to fight to gain back everything that you had.

I had some family from South Carolina come to El Paso after their house and place of business was flooded out during Hurricane Charley in 2004. I remember them not knowing what would come next, and what would happen if they had to start over again. We as a family helped them with anything that they needed and got them through the next couple weeks so they could figure out if they wanted to come back here or go back to South Carolina.

It would have been devastating for them to lose everything, they owned their house and had a profitable business— and one of the saddest things to me was my cousins didn’t want to make new friends and start all over, they knew them all since they moved out there when they were kids. My aunt did have insurance, but all her documents were ruined in the storm—and she was right (she always was/is right!), but she called in to her insurance companies and after a few weeks of getting everything in order she was able to get back to South Carolina. hurricane-matthew-1769040_960_720

I called her up and asked her about the process when I was writing this blog to catch up and to see what she went through. She said that it took an extremely long time and she actually mentioned to me that what made it so long was that she had to deal with separate companies! After that ordeal she ended up finding out that bundling would’ve saved time and that it’s easier to deal with one company, and one deductible, and that’s how she has it set up now!

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