Can You Get A Home Warranty for Free?

architecture-1836070_960_720Yes, there are some situations where you may have free home warranty coverage on your home. These scenarios differ and have their pros (Well…it’s free!) and their cons.

Sometimes when acquiring a new home, a home warranty will be bundled into the sale by your real estate broker or agency, and usually these are given as a thank you/welcome home present. These plans are usually short lived and last only a year on average, so it is worth it to start looking around at what you want during that year!

If you have built the home with a builder sometimes the builder will include it as well to let you know that their build is covered, and you can live in the house with some peace of mind. A lot of times these warranties are limited to certain aspects of the house, such as plumbing, electrical, and air conditioning system— but these types of warranties usually are free and sometimes last longer period of time than one through a real estate agent.handymen-3091826_960_720

If you remortgage your house, your lender may include it as part of their deal with you— but these you usually will have to opt in and these bundled plans will act like a normal home warranty would and can vary in the amount of time it is free!

When you are getting a free warranty, make sure you understand the terms of the warranty and how you can cancel their coverage before/after the period is over. If you find a new warranty that provides more value to you, it might be worth it to get rid of the free warranty and start with one that you prefer, just always keep your eyes and ears peeled for what you want!

By Aaron Young

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