What is Home Warranty?

A Home Warranty is a type of service contract that will repair or replace appliances and crucial parts of your home, such as refrigerators, water heaters, and air conditioning— it felt like the Sahara in my home when mine died this summer, so thank goodness for home warranty!


But Home Warranty will cover other things such as your washer or oven when they decide to kick the bucket.

Home warranties can also be extended to your pool and spa, and these add-ons are usually at an extra cost, but can save you a lot of money, headache, and heartache when your pool pump gives up a ghost!

IMG_4173How does this work? Well, what happens is a technician will come by and screen the situation at hand, if it’s determined that the appliance is no longer working due to defect, age, or normal wear and tear then you will either have it replaced or repaired by a qualified specialist all for a small fee while the warranty company covers the rest.

This is an important component of any homeowner’s arsenal of tactics to combat trouble when it decides to say hello and can be the difference between you paying a couple hundred or a couple thousand— neither is fun but I would rather take $200 Mr. Trebek, not $2000.

By Aaron Young

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