So You Want To Hotshot With Your Giant Pickup Truck?

A buddy of mine decided to become an RV Transporter since he had a nice red 2005 truck-3395788_960_720Dodge Ram 3500 and a 30 foot trailer that he could use to hotshot with (Trucker slang for hauling loads with a smaller truck). So he was telling me how he started to look around for insurance only to find how much depth there is to this part of trucking and how many different options there were!


He thought that he could take off his trucker hat and drive home as a private civilian after a job– but he was wrong! Since he will be under a permanent lease with his

company operating under a DOT number with this truck, he had to have at least Bobtail Insurance to get home. He had no idea that using his truck in this capacity would require him to have an unladen liability policy of $1 million.

So he bit the bullet and got himself unladen insurance, but here’s where it gets interesting: He actually was driving home from a job hauling some drilling equipment out in Odessa when a man driving an old pick-up truck smashed into his empty hotshot


trailer, totaling it only a quarter of a mile away from leaving his delivery point! He said that at first his heart sank that his expensive trailer was trashed, but was happy that his truck was okay and that he had insurance that would cover this exact occurrence!

If he did not have insurance on his unladen trailer, a quarter mile would have separated
him from being insured versus not! Don’t let Deadheading or Bobtailing hurt you– look into your coverage options today!

By Aaron Young

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