Why You Need Bobtail Insurance

truck-308439_960_720It is not fun driving bobtail, it’s a waste of tire tread and precious engine wear. But while driving bobtail to another job without a trailer you do not want to be in an accident that can take your rig out of commission without any insurance funds to fix it! There’s a crucial difference in Bobtail insurance and Non-Trucking Liability Insurance in that NTL does not cover you if you are traveling to another job.

So say you are travelling from Lubbock to Texarkana and on the way through Fort Worth you are sideswiped by an inattentive guy on his cellphone in an SUV, ruining your front end and requiring repairs! But thankfully you decided to get Bobtail Insurance after realizing that driving Bobtail should not be your Achilles Heel, and in doing so saving your behind in the DFW area!


If you bobtail frequently, or even infrequently (It does happen sometimes), you should look into a way to cover your rig to prevent any hardship that could be
caused by an accident! We all have seen how much people like to text and drive, so protect yourself from their inattentiveness! (Please never text and drive y’all!)

By Aaron Young

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