A Story: Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

One day I saw a story of a man who hopped into his Bobtail that he drove home from atruck-2663163_960_720 haul to go visit with a friend of his. He picked up his friend and they decided to go to the movies, but on his way there he was involved in an accident with another motorist that caused his life to go into a tailspin– because his insurance did not cover him while not hauling cargo, meaning he was essentially driving uninsured!

The outcome of the accident left his friend and the other driver in the hospital, with him footing the bills for months due to a simple lapse in judgment. Every single week he would receive a new bill, driving him into debt and leaving him with the thought, “Why the heck didn’t I make sure I had a non-trucking liability insurance policy?!”


Do not let this be you. Even if you are one of the many truckers do not anticipate using their rig for non-business purposes, you should still have it just in case! Anything can happen and it’s best to always be prepared!

By Aaron Young


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