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C20B678E-89E1-49B9-B970-6DC8D2D1D82AI absolutely love my dog, she’s a 15 year old Yorkie named Zoe who still acts like she’s still a puppy who wouldn’t ever hurt a fly (Although she does try to catch them all the time). This was a piece of information that I had to disclose when I was getting homeowner’s insurance myself since breed does matter when attaining insurance! At first I thought it was a strange question to ask of me, but after doing some research myself I found that it does hold some weight!

Since most homeowner’s insurance policies cover dog bites and other pet related incidents, the breed of a dog will come into play. Some breeds such as Dobermans, Rottweilers, and Pit Bulls usually will not be covered due to the power of their bite and the misconceptions surrounding them— but most dogs are extremely friendly and lovable, so there are ways to keep the cost down when having these breeds as a part of the family!

So what should you do if you have one of these breeds? Well, a great way to ensure that you offset the costs of a certain breed comes from simply raising your fuzzy-friend right. So just do fun things like socialize them at the park with other dogs, train your dog to drop toys instead of you having to reach for them, and also having visitors respect your dog’s space when visiting! No one wants to have their personal bubble popped by strangers— same thing goes for Pluto!

It is not smart to fib about your dog’s breed either, if I had a 80 lb. Pit Bull as a pet I animals-canine-dogs-215957would 100% let my insurer know since I want to have the proper coverage and don’t want to be liable for anything stemming from that “white lie”. Dropped coverage is not fun and always should be prevented!

Smaller breeds do not get reported as much for bites as a larger dog— but they happen with the same prevalence! So no matter the dog’s breed it is best to always train them and socialize them so your risk can be minimized. But if you do have a furry family member and want to get adequate insurance for your home, be sure to raise them right and your insurer will thank you a million times over!

By Aaron Young

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